Land cruiser GX – 4X4 reliable car rental in Entebbe

Are you looking for luxury car hire Entebbe options? We have exactly that for you. Rent a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser GX in Entebbe with us at an affordable amount. Our land cruisers are well maintained, comfortable and you can rent one with a driver or choose to go on a self-drive Entebbe.

land cruiser GXLand cruiser GX is an 8-seater with 4 passenger doors and Gas V8, 4.7L engine. This vehicle is good for a safari to Uganda’s national parks, visiting other remote areas in the country. If you’re coming to the country on a business, this car will also work for you.

Book the car today at only $80 per day and it’ll be availed. To rent a car in Entebbe, you can alternatively contact us +256 704538374 available on Whatsapp.

People also ask;

Requirements for car hire in Entebbe?

To rent a car in Entebbe, you will a few essential documents like a copy of a valid passport and a copy of your valid driving license. This is done to ensure your safety while with the car and in the country as well.