Are you planning to visit Uganda anytime from now either for the first time or second time or more? At car rental Entebbe, we do offer pocket friendly prices for any car of your choice that you would want us to avail for you. Our cars are well maintained with each and everything functioning perfectly well. To have a memorable safari, we’ve detailed car rental tips in uganda to equip you with the necessary information you do need.

Your choice of car

Before choosing your preferred car, you need to put into consideration how many people the car carries, luggage, comfortability and safety. Our cars all have functioning air conditioning system just you’re planning to visit the country during the hot months of June to September.  Our fleet of cars to choose from include a Toyota 4×4 RAV4, safari van, Toyota landcruiser extended, Toyota land cruiser TX, Toyota land cruiser V8, Toyota land cruiser GX, saloon cars, super custom, land cruisers with rooftop tents among others. You can as well choose to drive a manual or automatic car.

car rental tips in uganda Price of the car

This is the other crucial thing to put into consideration before and choosing your preferred car choice. Our prices have been revised by out team so that you get to drive the car your most comfortable with the exact amount you do have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime and we’ll be glad to help you out with availing that car you need.

Early booking

We advise you to book your preffered car days or weeks before your trips so that the car is made available for the exact dates you need it. Contact us and we’ll arrange your car either on short term or long-term basis. If you do hire a car with us for weeks or even months, you will definitely qualify for our discounts that are made to clients with more than a week safari.

Search for a reputable car rental agency

This might be one of the hard things to do but so crucial so that you get to know your dealing with a trusted company. To find one, you will need to visit google, do the searching and then read reviews from previous clients. This will give you a clear picture of how the company is and how rated their services are.

Inspect the car

If you’re going for a self drive in Entebbe, you need to inspect the car before you set off so that you identify every scratch, dent on the car. If you dont do so, after the end of the trip you may be charged for scratches on the car that you’re not associated with. To be safe from inspect the car and check the fuel too.

Familiarise yourself with the car

Before the car is handed over to you, check if everything is perfectly functioning that is the wipers, lights, brakes, indicators, air condition and more. If you’re unsure about some controls, inquire from the staff to demonstrate for you before you do set off to your preferred location. This is another car rental tips to take into consideration before taking the car.

Driving in Uganda

Driving laws in Uganda do require you to keep on the left while on the road to avoid colliding with the incoming traffic. While driving you should be mindful of other road users that is motorcycle riders popularly known as boda boda motorists, pedestrians and more.

Age of the person hiring a car in Uganda

When hiring a caring Entebbe, age is another thing most companies put into consideration. Most of the companies in the country do rent the car to clients between the ages of 25 -70 years. If you’re in your 20s, the car will be availed for you but with extra insurance and liabilities. Companies also rarely arrange cars for those in aged 18 years and below.

Essentials for hiring a car in Uganda

Before the car is made available for you in Uganda, there requirements you must have with you especially for those choosing self drive. And they include; a valid passport, valid driving licence, valid international driving permit, self drive contract and GPS. This is made so for easy identification and tracking incase of anything.

Check for your belongings

After your safari, check thoroughly the car for your belongings so that you dont leave anything important behind before giving out the car.

The above car rental tips in uganda have been revised by our staff and updated to equire you with the necessary information you need before heading out on the road.