Entebbe is situated 40km from Kampala and its within the boundaries of Wakiso district.  This town is close to Lake Victoria, lush green vegetation and different landscapes that range from hills to valleys. The town might be small but it does hold a strong significance to the country. The town hosts major administration offices and is also home to Uganda’s statehouse. You will also here find UN Logistics centre which is among the largest in the world. It also home to Uganda’s only international airport.

As part of your safari to Uganda, Entebbe must be includead in your travel bucket list as you won’t be disappointed. On top of this, it also consists the best accommodation options making it the best option for those who prefer a noise free environment, clean and with fresh air.

Places you can visit in Entebbe include

Lake Victoria

places to visit in entebbeVisiting Lake Victoria, one of the largest water bodies in the world is the most engaging activity you can do while here. There a lot activities you can do on Lake Victoria and these include; swimming, canoeing, fishing, island hopping or even relaxing on the shores of the lake.

Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary

If you’d love to see man’s closest relative – the chimpanzees – then a visit to Ngamba Island should be among the places you can visit. This place hosts over 40 chimpanzee species that have been orphaned usually got from within the primate national park in Uganda and outside. While here, you will be able to spot chimpanzee from a raised platform, have a chance to feed or even allowed to volunteer in the sanctuary. To get to Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary, you will need to board a boat or a ferry which will lead you direct to the island.  You can as well get a short flight from Entebbe international airport to the island at a fee.

Beaches in Entebbe

When it comes to having fun and enjoying life, no one beats Ugandans. All this can be witnessed when you visit either of the beaches found on the shores of Lake Victoria. These include; botanical beach, Aero beach, lido beach, white sand beach, Spena beach, imperial resort beach and more. These beaches gather people from different parts of Entebbe, Kampala and Uganda as a whole who gather here especially during the weekends to have fun. You will also be allowed to swim in the waters however its not safe as you might get infected with bilharzia. If you’d like to swim in safer places, then you can opt to swim in your area of accommodation. There also organised boat cruises which will take you around the lake while wearing a safety jacket.

Uganda wildlife education centre

places to visit in entebbe Also known as the Entebbe Zoo, this place is situated in Entebbe and a must visit or check out while in Entebbe. The place attracts a huge number of people from within Uganda and outside. If you’re a student, this another place to go visit. A number of species can be found here and you will be given an opportunity to feed some. Among the species include chimpanzees, that you will get to see as they play, feed in their gazetted place. Others include reptiles like crocodiles, species of snakes, birds like giant kingfishers, sunbird and more, baboons, Debraza monkeys, antelopes, lions, hyenas, ostriches and many more.

This place was set aside to in the 1950’s to cater for wildlife species rescued from poachers but was later turned into a zoo.

places to visit in EntebbeFor visitors who can’t make it to national parks, this area will satisfy you with so much found within her boundaries. Once you visit this place you will find out more traits associated with these species and among them is how to communicate to them, how they play, feed and more.

To visit the place, you will have to pay $15 for international travellers and UGX10,000/= for Ugandan citizens. The fees goes towards supporting conservation, paying guides in the park and carry out essential administration duties.


Entebbe international airport

Entebbe is home to Uganda’s only international airport. The airport was constructed close to Lake Victoria and once here, you will taken through different terminals of the airport that is: arrivals and departure terminals. You will get to a spot where you can easily see aeroplanes as they take off and land from and to different destinations around the globe. For local tourists, you will be stunned by the modern facility and the overall experience. Visiting the airport is by booking, you need to get in touch with airport authorities to schedule your visit here.

The United National’s base

Also, another key area thats found in Entebbe is the UN base. its located at the old Entebbe airport and you will be able to spot it while heading to Entebbe international airport. Currently, the place is strictly accessible by the staff at UN and any other person with an appointment there and out of bounds for the public.

Botanical gardens

This yet another exciting place you definitely have to visit while in Entebbe. The area is old as it was gazetted first in the late 1890’s. and this iconic once featured in the first Tarzan films with Johnny Weissmulle as the lead co – star. While here you will be able to engage in activities like birding. Bird species you can see here include orange weaver, black headed weaver, orange tufted sunbirds among others. You will also get to spot out monkeys too, different tree species and more.

Visiting the Equator

A number of tourists are versed with the equator points situated in Kayabwe and in Kasese but did you know there’s another equator point in Uganda? Well this is so right and this point is in Entebbe. You will board a motorised boat to Lwaji island and you will be able to see the equator sign upon arrival.

Reptile village

If you’re looking forward to seeing a number of reptile species, Entebbe is the best option and you will find them in the reptile village. Reptile species found here include; crocodiles, chameleons, different species of snakes, tortoises, lizards, turtles and more. These reptiles are usually got from people’s home and from areas where they aren’t safe. The center is usually notified of the location of a specific reptile, its then that they send in their staff to go collect and bring to the center. Once the centre is overwhelmed by the numbers, some will be released back into the wild.

Mabamba Bay Swamp

places to visit in entebbe Situated in the west part of Entebbe, Mabamba swamp is the perfect place to spot the elusive shoebill stock. This is the largest swamp in Lake Victoria and can either be accessed by road or boat. But we do recommend using a boat to access the wetland so that you don’t miss out on seeing a number bird species flocking the area.

Other areas you can afford to miss checking out while in Entebbe include;

  • Uganda Buddhist centre
  • Mpanga central forest reserve
  • Uganda virus research institute
  • Statehouse Entebbe
  • Entebbe golf club
  • Entebbe zika forest
  • Kitubulu forest and beach and more.