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Best 4×4 Car Rental Entebbe Service Provider

Getting a genuine, trustworthy, affordable and convenient car rental Uganda service provider in Entebbe is no longer troublesome with Car Rental Entebbe – a car rental company with operations in Entebbe and beyond.

We have unbeatable deals and well maintained plus new vehicles available for you. Therefore, if you are planning your next safari and probably stuck with what you can do when it can comes to movements, contact us and we’ll be glad to offer you a range of options of cars that start from as low as $30.

These range from small compact cars to 4X4 SUVs that include; 4×4 Toyota RAV4, minibus, Landcruisers, saloon cars, safari vans, 4×4 station wagons, luxury cars for hire in Entebbe, coasters among others. We also provide 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser with rooftop tent or car hire Entebbe with camping gear.

We arrange self-drive Entebbe services where you get to sit on the wheel and experience Uganda and Entebbe at its best and for anyone not comfortable with with a self-drive, we do have well trained and experienced English-speaking drivers who will get you to any preferred destination of your choice once you hire a car from us.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us even with any budget, we’ll be able to give you the best deals you won’t get anywhere.

Talk to us any day, anytime and our staff will get back to you as soon as they receive your inquiry and advise you according or even give you a variety of car rental Entebbe options you can choose from depending on your budget.

Whether its a short term or long term basis, we’ll make sure your preffered car is availed to you at the exact moment you will need it and in right conditions.

Best Car Rental Entebbe deals

Car Rental Entebbe

Land Cruiser TX/TZ

We do have comfortable and good land cruiser TX in perfect conditions and ready to hit the road anytime. You can book it with either a driver or selfdrive in Entebbe. The car takes up to 5 people. Contact us and hire it at only $60 per day.

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car rental entebbe

Toyota Safari Van

If you’re heading out to different destinations within Uganda and beyond and in a group of not more than 10 people, then this type of car is best choice. Book with a driver or self drive. Contact us and we’ll avail it at $70 per day.

car rental entebbe

Toyota Land cruiser V8

If you want a more comfortable car, then our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is the perfect choice. Whether you’re on a business trip in Uganda or a safari, this car will work for you. Contact us & book it at only $80 per day.

car rental entebbe

Safari Land Cruiser

This 4×4 car is popular among tourists and accommodates up to 6 people with enough space for the luggage as well. It is preferred due to the fact that it can get to different remote locations with no hinderance. Book this safari land cruiser at only $170 per day.

car rental entebbe

4×4 Toyota Rav4

Our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 is a 5-seater and you can book the car from us whether for a self drive in Entebbe or with a driver. This SUV is perfect and can be hired just incase you are heading to remote areas and away from town. You can book the car with us now at $40 per day.

Car rental entebbe

Mini Bus

This is one of the best options if you’re traveling in groups of 18 -28 individuals. Its comfortable and has enough space for luggage and can get you to your preffered destination with ease. Book this precious car with us on either a self drive or with a driver and we’ll avail it for you at only $180 per day.

car rental entebbe

Land cruiser Hard top

This powerful, rugged and environmentally friendly car is good for adventure and to take you through areas of different terrains. It also carries 1 – 5 people. We will be able to avail it for you either with a driver or self drive. Reach to us and we’ll arrange it for you at only $90 per day.

car rental entebbe

Saloon Cars

Our major goal is to make sure every customer who comes to us is sorted. We also have affordable saloon cars of all types, in perfect and stable conditions to hit the road anytime. You can book one with a driver or self drive and it will be availed at only $30 per day. Our cars are both manual and automatic.

How to rent a car in Uganda

Are you planning to visit Entebbe very soon and haven’t figured out the way or transport means yet? We’re the best car rental in Entebbe service provider with affordable rates and professional personnel to help you through the course of your safari. Choose from a wide range of cars that we do have and the best car rental Entebbe option availed for you easily. Simply visit the contact us page and fill up the up the form. We will receive your form immediately and our team that’s available 24/7 will reply you and take you through the few steps to get you your preferred car.

You can as well rent a car in Entebbe by reaching us directly on our office numbers (+256 704538374 or 256781451037). Our staff will be glad to take you through the booking process. You can as well find the above numbers on WhatsApp and text SMS service. Send us that inquiry.

You can as well visit our offices located along Mutundwe road, Mutundwe- Kampala. Once you visit our offices, you will be stunned by a fleet of cars you will find there including safari vans, Land cruisers from V8, TX, TZ, GX plus land cruiser with rooftop, coasters among others.

How to rent a car for self drive in Entebbe 

We understand that sometimes you need the privacy for you and your family and hence would prefer a self drive in Entebbe. If that’s the case then we will with no doubt avail you one upon your booking. Our wide range types of cars are well maintained, comfortable and always ready to hit the road upon receiving it.

You must be wondering on how you can hire a car in Entebbe with us. Its very simple can either visit the contact us button in the menu where you will be directed to a form that you can fill in with your details and then later submit.

Upon submission, our staff will shortly get back to you, ask for more details and then process your booking with us.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly on our office number +256 704538374 which can be accessed 24hrs a day and any day within the week. You can as well choose to visit our offices. We have a fleet of cars at our offices where you can come, inspect and select what will best work for you.

Our offers are affordable with our pricing starting from $30 per day and with a variety of options to choose from, we’re sure you will be able to get a car that’s good for you and suits your budget. From small compact vehicles to 4×4 cars, we assure you that you will get to have a better experience with these car options.

Contact us now to hire a car in Entebbe

    Car Rental Entebbe Extras

    car rental entebbe - airport transfer

    Airport transfers

    We also do car rental Entebbe airport transfers. Are you coming into Uganda or leaving the country through Entebbe international Airport? We have affordable cars ranging from luxury to budget for you to choose from. Contact us and book your prefered car with us and we will make sure it’s availed for you.

    Camping gear rental in entebbe - cost & how to book

    Car Rental Entebbe with camping gear

    Imagine waking up to the sound of birds and other wildlife species in the wild. Rent our camping gear with a car at very affordable rates to have such a memorable experience. Reach out to us and we will make the equipments available for you.

    car rental entebbe - Uganda safaris

    Uganda Safari booking

    Uganda continues to be the leading best destination travellers around the world recommend  and this is because of the various activities that you can do while in teh country. We are here to make that dream come to life with our tailor-made packages to fit within your budget. Talk to us today and we will arrange you a memorable Uganda safari experience

    Car Rental Entebbe - Best Group Car hire

    Car rental entebbe - safari van

    Traveling as a group of friends and family is known to strenthen your relationship bond more and at Car Rental Entebbe, we priotise is making sure we give you the best car hire Uganda services to enable you travel as a group without sacrificing comfort for anyone.

    This car is easy park in towns and economic on fuel making you stay within your budget while on and off road. Whether its a safari or business trip, this car is reliable and will give you that rewarding and memorable experience while on the road.

    The beauty about renting a car from us is that you will get to enjoy the free drop off and pick up services. On top of that, we also arrange free car hire Uganda airport transfers for those flying in and out of the country.

    Rent our spacious Safari Van that take up to 9 people including the driver at very unbeatable and affordable prices. Reach out to us now to have this spacious ride availed to you.

    Solo Car Rental Entebbe

    We understand that some people prefer to go on a solo  – a reason as to why we now have a fleet of cars available for hire for individuals who would like to visit Entebbe or Uganda to discover so much thats found within her boundaries.

    Our solo car rental Entebbe fleet of cars does include both small compact cars and bigger 4×4 SUVs strong enough to navigate the rough terrains within the different parts of the country.

    To rent a car Entebbe, fill our request form with your details or talk to us directly on +256 704538374.

    Car Rental Entebbe - Solo car hire

    We priotise in offering the best car rental Entebbe Services, See what others are saying!

    Wesley B
    Wesley B
    Good service Titus was very supportive in arranging gorilla permits and a car for our roadtrip. The tent we hired unfortunately was too small for us; I recommend you to check before you leave Entebbe/Kampala. The car bottom was quite low, even lower than typical for a RAV4, recommend to get it fixed higher for safari use. Note that the contract doesn't allow you to drive at night. The car was affordable but also a bit noisy.
    Ben W
    Ben W
    Excellent We’ve used Titus 3-4 times and never had issues. Reliable and convenient collection and drop of vehicle at Entebbe airport, with some local tips from the driver as well!
    There are drivers, there are good drivers and there is Pius; Pius Besigye, the best! From the beginning a good and fast communication about the possibilities that Your Drive Uganda could offer us. Also a quick response on all our questions. We rented a Safari Van for our family of 6 people. With a driver. And then we met the driver; Pius. A good and save driver but above all a beautiful person. And a proud young father. In 17 days he became a member of the family, with his a:dvices, humor, stories, philosophy and many other talents. ( such as golf, eating local food:) ) Pius made our journey to an unforgettable adventure trip through beautiful Uganda.
    Great safari with Charis We booked a Toyota Prado and driver (Charis) with Your Drive Uganda for our epic 14 day adventure in Uganda June 1-15, 2023. After we crossed the border from Rwanda, he picked us up in Lake Mutanda, and from there we went to Bwindi for gorilla trekking, Mburo Lake, Queen Elizabeth park, Kibale for the chimps, Murchison Falls, Ziwa rhino sanctuary and ended in Entebbe for our flight home. Charis was a great driver and guide, expertly navigating the roads, some of which are pretty rough, and he got us where we were going safely. He’s enthusiastic and fun to be around. I’d highly recommend Charis and Your Drive Uganda for your next safari. Unforgettable experience.
    Toyota 4x4 - the best choice to drive around Uganda If you are looking for a budget but reliable option for car rental, you should try 'Your Drive Uganda'. The Toyota 4X4 that we rented did not look fancy but it served the purpose. We traveled from Entebbe until Bwindi, then up to Fort Portal, and then back to Entebbe. Lots of dirt roads and challenging driving situations. During the 10 days trip, we had only a flat tire, nothing else. The company brought the car to our accommodation on day 1 and they also picked it up on the last day.
    Amazing Trip with Charis For the first time in my life to enjoy a road trip with my big guy Charis (driver)....don't remember any dull moment with him.....He's so professional with the roads and we enjoyed his vibe..I would recommend him anyday...anytime...The vehicle was in good shape..So yeah keep it up Charis..much love from Judi and Will...Thanks to Your Drive Uganda..No regrets!!!!!
    Ster V
    Ster V
    Great driver who knows the roads in Uganda very well! The driver knows the roads very well, can advise you, is on time and drives safely. Pius went with us on our trip from Kampala to Murchison Falls, drove us trough the park and after the trip he brought us back to the airport on time. We all felt really safe and the car had enough space for 3 passengers and a lot of luggage.
    Ian P
    Ian P
    Car hire service great! We rented a Landcruiser from Titus and Pius dropped it to our hotel in Kampala. Traffic in centre was crazy and Pius offered to drive us to the outskirts of the town. What a friendly, personal service throughout the hire period of 8 days. Easy communication, friendly service and great hire rate.
    Otuya d
    Otuya d
    Trip to Soroti The car was in good condition and was delivered on time! The car drove well all the way to Soroti and back to Entebbe!
    Fabian S
    Fabian S
    Great trip! We booked a four day trip with the company to Murchison Falls and then to Fort Portal. The communication went well and the car was very good. Charles was a magnificent driver, a lot of fun to spend time with and helped us out greatly with all the little challenges in Uganda. Highly recommended!

    Rent a car Entebbe for +14 days and get a discount

    Don’t be cheated!! When you rent a car Entebbe for more than 14 days from Car Rental Entebbe, you automatically qualify for a discount on any car you will choose to hire whether for business or Uganda safari experience. Simple! Send us an email and we will take you through the booking process.

    Family Car Rental Entebbe

    Entebbe is an ideal city to visit with all the Family and at Car Rental Entebbe conscious of the needs of our customers, we offer a great fleet of spacious vehicles for all the family.

    If you are looking for Car Hire Entebbe with more than four seats and with enough space for suitcases, we have so much and spacious rent a car Entebbe vehicles at the most competitive prices and with the best service for you.

    Each of our car hire Entebbe vehicles are prepared so that you can enjoy the best places of this fantastic city with the possibility of adding other services that you may need; car hire Entebbe with a rooftop tent, GPS, Baby or child seats and more.

    Don’t hesitate and make your car hire Entebbe booking with today.

    Car rental Entebbe

    Frequently asked questions

    Safety is everyone’s concern before they travel to a new destination but we assure you that whether you are coming to Entebbe for a business trip or safari, you will absolutely be safe as long as you follow the traffic regulations and other guidelines availed to you.

    If you are planning for Entebbe car rental on a self drive, we guarantee you that its quite easy to drive in this town and through Uganda as well. As long as you respect other road users and follow the set traffic rules, you will be safe.

    Enjoy unbeatable and pocket friendly rates on car rental Uganda with our best car rental Entebbe vehicles. We have offers now running for travelers who are to rent a car entebbe for more than 14+ days.

    When you rent a car entebbe for more that 2 weeks, we give you an automatic discount regardless of the vehicle you have seleceted. Talk to us today.

    When you car rental Entebbe airport or any other destination, you dont have to worry about pick up and drop off fees. Whether its a self drive or car rental with a driver in Uganda, you will automatically get this service for free.

    We have a qualified, licensed team of drivers who will be able to bring the car right where you are within Entebbe or any other location in Uganda. Fill our request form with your details now to get in touch with us.

    To self drive in Entebbe, you will need to provide us with copy of a valid driving permit and this can be your home issued driving license or an international driving permit. These act as proof that indeed you are experienced and licensed to be on the road.

    In case a traffic officer stops you, they will ask for any of these documents and once you are found with any, you will be left to proceed with your trip. Without a valid driving license, you won’t be able to rent a car in Entebbe.

    We have emergency road assistance team that will make quick arrangements to meet you at your point of being stuck or help you get off the road as soon as we can.

    In case the car is has mechanical issues that need some good time to fix, we will provide a free rescue vehicle to enable you continue with your trip.

    Like any other country, to rent a car in Entebbe and Uganda you will need to be of a specific age limit and this is between 25-65 years. Travelers aged between 21-25 years will have to pay an extra car rental Entebbe fee.

    Yes. That’s possible. You can add any number of extra days before, during and after your trip as long as you communicate to us in 24hrs in advance.

    What you need to Rent a car Entebbe

    Car Rental Entebbe is one of the best and cheapest ways you can fully discover what this city holds within her boundaries but when collecting your rental car, please remember to bring the following documents with you:
    • Full, valid driving license (held for min 12 months with no major endorsements).
    • Supporting ID, we recommend your passport that is issued by your home country.
    • We also recommend a 40% deposit of the total rental fee so that we confirm your booking.

    Other car rental locations

    Entebbe International Airport

    For travelers leaving and coming into Uganda but haven’t figured out the reliable means of transport, Car Rental Entebbe will be able to deliver the car of your choice right at the airport at no extra cost. Simply reach out to our offices or +256 704538374 to make a booking.


    Known to be home to the source of the Nile River– the longest river in Africa, this prestigious town is a must visit if you are on a trip to Uganda as it has so much that you will find within her boundaries. We have both small cars and 4×4 rentals you can hire at very unbeatable rates. Don’t hesitate to send that car rental Jinja request.

    Kabale or Kisoro

    Are you planning on doing gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and want to it to start in Kabale or Kisoro and end there as well, we have very reliable and 4×4 vehicles that are strong enough to navigate the rugged terrains in this part of the country with ease. Whether it’s a one day gorilla trekking experience or 3 days and need a vehicle to get you there, talk to us.


    Whether it’s that last minute meeting you want to get to or an outing with friends, we are the leading car rental Kampala service provider with a wide fleet of cars for you to choose from. Fill our request form with your details and we will take you through the booking process.


    Situated in the western part of the country, Mbarara is a stopover point for a number of travelers who are visiting this part of Uganda and this is attributed to the fact that it does have a number of facilities like better accommodation options, banks etc than any other place in the west making it the best option for travelers to stop and refresh. Are you in Mbarara and need a car to rent, just talk to us and we will arrange that car of your choice.

    Fort Portal

    Also known as the tourism capital, this town is situated in a rich area that is surrounded by numerous and stunning features and national parks where you will be able to see the different wildlife species as they roam in the parks. These parks include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale Forest National Park and Semuliki National Park. Whether you need a strong car to do a game drive, or to use while within this town, we are the best car rental Fortal portal service provider.